The Mentoring Program


The Mentoring Program is working to support Aboriginal children who are in, or leaving, the foster care system by establishing a sense of belonging, discovering purpose and empowering positive choices. We connect these young people to culture and community and prepare them with essential life skills for life after care.


We establish belonging for our young people, and the cultural strengths held, by helping you know who you are, who is you mob and where your mob is from. We incorporate these teachings through Aboriginal artwork, dance, language and stories. “Knowing where you come from, gives you a greater sense on where you need to go.”

Yarn Time

Elders, guest speakers and role models, who have been through adversity, come into our safe yarning circle and share their experiences, lessons and advice to our young people. They support them to navigate the world and follow in the footsteps of those who have walked before us.


We hold various workshops centred around the overall health and wellbeing of our young people. This includes mental health, dental health, hygiene, nutrition and physical fitness activities. Our community partners play an integral part in supporting our programs.

Life After Care

We are focused on providing life skills that will set our young people up for independent living, adulthood and knowing their rights and responsibilities. This includes employment, housing, budgeting sessions, cooking sessions, driver’s licence and Medicare.


We aim to increase attendance at school, overall behaviour in class and finishing high school. We make sure their assessments and homework are being completed. We also engage our older participants into further tertiary studies.

Giving Back Kitchen

We host and deliver a monthly ‘Giving Back Kitchen’ where our young people cook alongside our experienced and highly trained chefs and corporate volunteers to deliver nutritious and delicious meals to the community and those in need.



Aboriginal young people in foster care in the Sydney region of New South Wales. Ages from 5 – 19 years old.


CEAD Centre, 255 Wilson St. North Eveleigh, NSW


3:15PM – 6:00PM, every Tuesday and Thursday


The Mentoring Program will provide participants with a wide range of fun and engaging activities. These activities aim to assist Aboriginal young people in building their self-esteem and a sense of connection to their community and culture.

There are 3 different programs that run depending on the age of the young person, 5 – 10 years, 11 – 14 years and 15 – 19 years old.


The young people will be picked up from school or their home and taken to the mentoring session. They will be dropped back at their home address after the session. The Mentoring Program aims to enhance their skills and abilities in the areas of education, empowerment, health, life aftercare, cultural identity, and giving back.

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