Inspirational Speaking

Inspirational Speaking


Life can get you down at times. We let our negative thoughts, people and circumstances affect our potential and capabilities. ID. Know Yourself is about breaking through these barriers by sharing with you our personal stories. We provide examples of overcoming adversity to inspire and motivate you to become a strong version of yourself so that you may thrive in your life.

We tailor our inspirational speaking according to different atmospheres, such as schools, corporate companies, government and community organisations.

Isaiah Dawe, ID. Know Yourself founder and CEO, is our main speaker. With his skill and sensitivity as a mentor, he speaks to guests to create an understanding of Aboriginal identity and culture by sharing his personal experiences.

Born from his own personal experiences of being removed from his family home from two-months to 18-years of age and placed in 17 placements, as well as being homeless between school terms at 17 years old, Isaiah Dawe uses his words to connect with and inspire Aboriginal young people in Out of Home Care.

Eunice, ID. Know Yourself Program Director, is also available to speak about our program and share her experience as a female Aboriginal community leader. Together, Isaiah and Eunice speak as an inspirational force, instilling the belief that you can achieve the impossible.

Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss our services, want to find out more about us or would like us to speak at your event or location.

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