Cultural Care Plans


ID. Know Yourself offers Cultural Care Plans to child protection services and other organisations that deal with Aboriginal children and young people. Our goal is to ensure that these young people feel connected to their identity and have a sense of belonging to their community and culture.


Professional, cultural and passionate Aboriginal staff members will work with you to determine the best practice or approach to dealing with Aboriginal young people in Out of Home Care. These Aboriginal staff members are experienced in Out of Home Care. These Cultural Care Plans are driven by younger staff and will have an Aboriginal Elder at the core. The Plans provide incredible value to young people, resulting in real traction and success.


There are many organisations that make decisions on behalf of Aboriginal young people in Out of Home Care and don’t know why their services or practices aren’t effective. In most cases, they lack the experience or critical cultural knowledge in this space and don’t know who to reach out to for advice or feedback. That is why it’s important to gain productive and appropriate consultancy from an empathetic team that has first-hand experience in this area.

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