Her Excellency the Honorable Margaret Beazley AC QC Governor of South Wales
His Excellency NSW Governor Salty Dingo

“In November 2019, Dennis and I were invited by Isaiah Dawe to join a circle of ID.Know Yourself young people in ‘Yarn Time’. To listen to their stories was a privilege. Their beautiful artwork, ‘Belonging’, which we viewed on the day when it was almost completed, was another safe haven storytelling. The handprints in the painting were particularly evocative, locating each of the young people in their stories, Making a statement of identity and belonging.

The impact on young lives that Yarn Time has had is uplifting. An increase in school attendance and retention, employment opportunities, a decline in juvenile justice interventions, and re-connections with family are some of the strong, positive outcomes from ID.Know Yourself in its first year of operation.

We were hoping to join in another ‘Yarn Time’, this time at Government House Sydney, reciprocating the hospitality we enjoyed with Isaiah and the young people we met. Unfortunately, COVID-19 interrupted those plans, but we can’t wait to join Yarn Time again.”

ID.Know Yourself Message

His Excellency General the Honorable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia and
Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley

“Linda and I have been involved with ID. Know Yourself from its beginning. We believe that ID. Know Yourself is addressing a very pressing need for Indigenous youth who are transitioning from Out of Home care and juvenile justice into adult life. What impresses us most is that the program comes from the heart, from those who have experienced the Out of Home care journey, and that it is well supported by the community. This is a program that is already bringing hope, new skills and new directions to those who can all too often see their future through a narrow lens. Congratulations to Isaiah and the team at ID. Know Yourself for a promising beginning and for the many lives your are improving.”

General David Hurley is the previous Governor of New South Wales and the current Governor-General of Australia.

Shane Phillips

“Having a team who have lived experience and understands the value of real-life skills is crucial. ID. Know Yourself is an amazing model for kids who will eventually leave their care placements.”

CEO of Tribal Warrior

June Oscar AO

“ID. Know Yourself provides young Indigenous people with the support in knowing who they are, where they belong and to build on their internal strengths to survive and thrive in a complex environment that has so many challenges confronting them. This program and its team are building the framework of support with young people to ensure their survival, strength, and confidence to pursue pathways that will see them succeed and reach their goals. I am proud and humbled to have been invited to be a part of supporting the ID. Know Yourself team in achieving their vision.”

Board Director, ID. Know Yourself and the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner

Emeritus Professor Rosalind Croucher AM

“ID. Know Yourself commitment and passion, forged through personal experiences and wanting to see good come out of it for young Aboriginal people, is inspiring. In working with us at the Australian Human Rights Commission we were moved by ID. Know Yourself vision for wanting to transform the lives of those who are in out of home care. I commend the team’s energy and commitment in making a difference in people’s lives.”

President of the Australian Human Rights Commission

Terri Janke

“ID. Know Yourself was started by an inspirational young man who has overcome the challenges of his past to trailblaze the empowering ID. Know Yourself Program. Based on empathy, the team are advocates for Indigenous children currently in out of home care to believe in themselves, dream big, seize opportunities and most importantly embrace their community, culture and identity”.

Owner and Solicitor Director of Terri Janke & Co Legal firm

Tim Ireland

“There are currently more than 7,000 Aboriginal children and young people removed from the home in NSW alone. Nationwide, our kids are 10 times more likely than others to be taken from their families. I’ve been constantly impressed by ID. Know Yourself dedication, creativity and can-do spirit in achieving change for our young people. I can’t wait to see the huge difference ID. Know Yourself will make for our kids.”

Chief Executive Officer, AbSec

Megan Mitchell

“ID. Know yourself is a great support program developed by people who understand deeply what it is like to be ‘lost’ in care, and helps young people be strong in their cultural identity, access the support they need, make good choices, and be the best they can be.”

Australian National Children’s Commissioner

Steve Kinmond, OAM

“ID. Know Yourself is run by Aboriginal people who are committed to making a lasting difference for their current and future generations. I applaud the impressive mentoring work they are undertaking in the out-of-home care and juvenile justice spheres to empower young Aboriginal lives and to support them to thrive as adults. ”

CEO, ACWA (Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies)

Ms Janet Schorer

“ID. Know Yourself work recognizes that connection to culture and identity is an important part of helping all children and young people have a sense of belonging and community. For children who can’t live with their parents or families, that connection to culture is a right to be upheld. I have seen the impact that connection can have for young people, as a protective factor, bringing courage and resilience. I’m am very proud to support the ID. Know Yourself program.”

NSW Children’s Guardian